Friday, 2 December 2011


看到 The Star 的新闻,AmFirst 在 Cyberjaya 新收购的 Prima 9 和 Prima 10 已完成。据报道,这两栋建筑物每年派出的收入将多 68 仙 1 股。68 仙吗?还是 6.8 仙?

其实,DingDongLin 不是很清楚到底股东会收到多少股息。从表面看来,就是应该会多一点点啦!

真好呢!不过,DingDongLin 没有这只股,可以开始看看了。

PETALING JAYA: Am ARA REIT Managers Sdn Bhd, the manager of AmFIRST Real Estate Investment Trust (AmFIRST REIT), has completed its acquisition of Prima 9 and Prima 10 in Cyberjaya for RM133mil cash.
The group said these two new properties are expected to contribute an additional distributable income of 68 sen per unit on an annual basis.

新闻来源:AmFirst closes deals in Cyberjaya

目前,AmFirst 的股息有 8%++。以下是 AmFirst 的派息历史:

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