Monday, 10 October 2011

YELLOW MAN 宽频–如何省钱(五)


有一次,U-MOBILE 宽频费用一下子飚至多过 RM100.00,而 DingDongLin  拨电给 U-MOBILE 想要查个清楚,却落空,唯有寄电邮。U-Mobile 顾客服务

后来,得知 U-MOBILE 1GB = RM50.00,真是太离谱了吧!

"Kindly be informed that account ??? was registered under UB40 Plan.  The UB40 Plan is provided with 2GB data allowance and the monthly commitment fee is RM40.00.  You will be charged for the PAYU (Pay-As-You-Use) rate at RM0.05 per MB once the data allowance provided is exhausted for the month (max capped at RM76.00)."

U-MOBILE 的网上 Q & A,以下难道是 DingDongLin 误解了吗
"7.  What is data allowance? How much data can I use?
Data allowance is the amount of data that you purchase / sign up for as part of your U Broadband plan.
After the data allowance limit is reached,, the access speed will be managed.  Subscribers do not need to pay extra charges during the period of the subscription."

现在用 DIGI DISCOVERY DAY PLAN 还满意,收费较便宜之余,data allowance 是3GB, 速度也是 DingDongLin 可以接受的 - 这可要感谢 U-MOBILE  不好的顾客服务和“无理”的收费。 
现在 DingDongLin 每月的宽频收费是 RM38,电话费是 RM30 + 6%,因为用 Auto-Billing,宽频和电话费都可以减 RM5.00。所以严格来说,宽频费是 RM33,电话费是RM26.80++(这要看拨电话的次数)实在太好了,费用差不多减了40%。

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