Saturday, 8 October 2011

新闻分享 - REIT 投资者

DingDongLin 最近有买 REIT - STAREIT 做为股票投资, 也开始注意有关 REIT 的新闻。 不过,还没收过 REIT 的股息 - 刚开始买嘛!还耐心的等着。

如果您有投资 REIT,这则新闻想与您分享

The Government has extended the concessionary tax rate of 10% on dividends of non-corporate institutional and individual investors in real estate investment trusts (REITS).
The incentive, which expires on Dec 31, will be extended for five years, starting from Jan 1 next year to Dec 31, 2016.
Both local and foreign retail as well as institutional investors in Malaysia now have to pay a 10% withholding tax, which had already been reduced from the 25% tax rate previously.
The withholding tax rate in Malaysia has not been adjusted since 2008.


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